Foundation Sketch Portrait Online Course
Foundation Sketch Portrait Online Course

Foundation Sketch Portrait Online Course

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Hi. My name is Enmo.
I am a fashion Illustrator.
I am good at painting portraits.
My style is minimalist. There is not much color
Almost a combination of lines and some color blocks
and I have my own life story in my paintings.
This is my first time planning an online course.
This is the basic course for beginners.

You do n’t need to spend too much time watching the video.
Because this course is only half an hour.
I am a person who does not like staring at videos.
So the course I designed is also short.

In the first lesson, you will learn how to draw a portrait of pencils.
I will focus more on the drawing of eyes, nose, and mouth.
I will also teach you how to use an iPad for post-production.

Use the iPad to Take the photo. Adjust photo color
Also, use software to do some special illustration design
These methods you can use in card design, book cover design and any image you want to print.

  • *The online course fee is $ 20 USD
  • *English and Chinese
  • *Unlimited access 6 month
  • *You will own ur online password, so you can learn online at any time

What does this course include:
1. pre-requisite videos of online courses-The videos of draw eyebrow, eye, nose, mouth sketch
2. Tool introduction
3. Basic portrait sketch
4. Take and adjust photos with iPad
5. Digital image processing